Creating and Managing Campaigns

The Campaigns module provides a foundational layer for creating associations and easily grouping sets of data. The module consists of campaigns themselves, platforms, tags, collab types, and content types. Flex uses top level campaign associations to aggregate various aspects of any given initiative so you can quickly find the creators, content, and insights to inform your strategy.

Creating Campaigns

You will first need to add a campaign to your Campaigns Dashboard

  • Navigate to Campaigns > Campaigns
  • From here select Add Campaign. This will open a modal for you to create your campaign.

From the Campaign Dashboard, if you have existing campaigns, you can edit your campaign settings by selecting the  icon.

Campaign Settings

Campaign Name

The campaign name helps to identify the campaign and its contents. When creating your campaign name, you will want to create a unique name that helps you differentiate this campaign from others. When sending offers, creators will see the name of your campaign. 

External ID

The external ID is a unique identifier that your team uses to separate your campaigns. This can be an invoice ID,  custom abbreviations, etc. 


The budget is an estimate of how much you intend to spend on the campaign in total. This field is for viewing purposes only and will only be present if the Campaign Safeguards setting is off. If you have enabled Campaign Safeguards, the budget will appear on the next tab in the Edit Campaign modal and will keep your campaign spending within budget.

Campaign Owners 

The campaign owners are team members who are responsible for executing or contributing to the campaign. 

Flight Dates

Your start and end dates help keep your campaign on track but are for your view only and don’t affect campaign progress. 

Campaign Status

Use statuses to track your campaign’s progress. The options concepting, planning, ahead of plan, on plan, at risk and closed-success allow you to monitor your campaign from start to finish. 

Campaign Industry

The campaign industry is the business category that your campaign will be focused around. For example: Food/Beverage


The description is a summary of the campaign and what it entails. When sending offers, the description will be visible to creators. We suggest providing a paragraph explaining the purpose of your campaign. This will help the creators to identify the campaign and the goals when creating their content.  


The objective showcases the main goals for your campaign. When sending offers, the campaign objective will be visible to creators.

Target Audience 

The target audience is the specific group or customer base that your campaign aims to reach. This is currently for internal tracking only and not used elsewhere in Flex. 

Viewing Campaign Details

Click into the Campaign Name or use the icon to view your campaign details.


The overview section of a campaign provides you with a quick glance at the associations, metrics, and content for your campaign. 


From the associations section, you will see all of the contacts, transactions, content, tracking links and content requests that have been associated with your campaign. 

  • From inside your campaign, you can add associations by selecting, Associate
  • From here, select the association type and then click into the box provided to select your association. 
    • If you have not already created an association, you will see the option to create a new one.  
  • Once you have chosen all of your associations, select Add Association(s).

After associations have been added, you can dive deeper by selecting View Detail in the right hand corner of each association tile.

Selecting View Detail will take you to the corresponding tab within your campaign dashboard for the associated items. 


The insights section of the Overview tab provides you with a general overview of the insights for your campaign. The more associations you add, the more insights you will see. You can dive deeper by selecting View Detail in the right hand corner of each insight tile.

Top Content By Engagements

The Top Content By Engagements section showcases the content associated with your campaign with the highest engagement count. This is a great resource for seeing which creators performed best for your campaign. 


Files showcases all of the files that have been associated with your campaign. For example, campaign briefs or creator mood boards are great to add as files to your campaign. These files are also added to the Files module under CRM

Campaign Brief Tab

The Brief tab includes the description and objective that you entered for your campaign upon its creation. When sending offers, the items under Campaign Brief will be visible to creators.

Offers Tab

The Offers tab allows you to send and view offers in your campaign. You can create new offers or respond to existing offers under the offers tab. 

Insights Tab

The insights tab provides you with top performing content for your campaign. In order to pull this content, it must be added to ContentMine and associated with your campaign.

Transactions Tab

From the Transaction tab, you can view all of the transactions associated with your campaign as well as a total breakdown by status (draft, scheduled, canceled, etc.) Creating transactions from this tab automatically associates the transaction with the campaign. 

The Line Items tab next to Transactions provides you with individual breakdowns of all of your line items for each transaction in your campaign. By clicking the icon you will be taken to the transaction associated with that specific line item. 

Content Tab

The Content tab showcases all of the creator content that has been added to Flex and associated with your campaign. You can also view metrics and download content from this tab.

Creators Tab

The Creators tab displays all of the creators who have created content for your campaign. Creators will only show under the creators tab once content has been added to ContentMine and associated with the Contact and Campaign

From this tab, you can view the total engagements, engagement rate, views and clicks for all of that content that has been created by each creator. This tab is a great place to download metrics for end of campaign wrap reports.

Tracking Links Tab

Tracking links provides you with a view of all of the tracking links associated with your campaign. This allows you to easily separate the tracking links specifically by campaign. You can also easily download your tracking link data from this tab. Tracking Links created from this tab are automatically associated with the campaign.

Associations Tab

The Associations tab showcases all of the associations that have been made to your campaign. From this tab you can easily see all of the historical data of associations. You can also delete associations from this tab. 

  • You can remove an association by clicking into your campaign and then navigating to the Associations tab. 
  • From here, select the icon to remove your association.