Creating Company Records

With IZEA Flex, you have the power to create company records right at your fingertips. Talent agencies, legal firms, and so much more, all organized and accessible in one place. By adding companies to Flex, you are not just cataloging; you are creating a hub of information that connects you to all the companies that might be linked to your campaigns or creators. 

Creating Company Records 

Company records are used to add different companies that you may work with into Flex. You can create company records from multiple places within the platform. Companies are a great place to add agency contacts. Create a record for the agency and then associate creators to the agency that represents them. You can also add their agents as contacts and associate them to the company. While you can create contacts from multiple places in the platform, the Contacts module is the main location for all of your contacts and records.

  • To create a company from the Contacts module, select Contacts > Companies.
  • From here, select Add Company
  • You can enter in all of the information for the company. 

Company Information

The company information for your company record includes the company name, industry, website and company description. 


The contact section includes all of the contact information for that specific company. Email, phone number, address and instant message can all be added here. 

  • To select which contact type you would like to add, click on the first Email option and then select the contact type. 

Social Handles

In the social handles section, adding the company’s social handles allows you to easily locate their social channels. 

  • To add the company’s social handles, select Select Platform.
  • Choose the social platform and then copy and paste the URL in the box provided.
  • Click Add Company to save your record.

Managing Company Records

To view a Company record, click their name from the table view. On the left hand side of your company record, you are able to view a general overview of the company’s information. Emails, addresses, phone numbers, etc. can be found here. If you navigate to the top of your company record, you are able to take a few actions. 

  • Associate - Associations allow you to link your companies with creators, content, tracking links and much more. These associations help keep your companies organized and allow you to pull valuable information for your campaigns such as analytics. 
    • Edit - If at any point you need to edit your company’s information, you can by selecting the icon.
    • Delete - Deleting will allow you to remove the company record in its entirety. This does not delete items that have already been associated with your company, however, it will remove their association to the company record.

    Within the Companies module, you can view valuable insights, information and detailed records for your company. Each company record contains an overview, contacts, handles, transactions, content, CRM, insights and associations.  

    • Overview - The overview acts as the main dashboard for your company. You can see Associated Contacts, Insights, Social Handles and associated Files from this view.
    • Contacts - The contacts section provides you with a list of contacts associated with your company. This can include employees of the company as well as creators who are represented by the company.  
    • Handles - Handles provides you with details about the social media handles that have been added to your company record. You can view Followers, Engagement Rate, Brands, Brand Categories and Topics of Interest for your company’s social channels. 
    • Transactions - Transactions house all of the historical data for your company’s payments. As you associate transactions to your company, you will see them appear here. 
    • Content - Content houses all of the content that has been uploaded into ContentMine. As you associate content to your company you will see it here and be able to view analytics for each piece of content.
    • CRM - CRM houses all of the emails associated with your company. These emails are pulled from the Emails integration in Flex. You will need to use the BCC option to have your company’s emails appear in this section. 
    • Insights - Insights breaks down the analytics for the content that is associated with your company record. You can also view tracking link analytics under the insights section. 
    • Associations - Associations showcase all of the associations that have been made to this company record. From this tab you can easily see all of the historical data of associations.