IZEA® Flex Integrations

Applies to: Starter and Power

Integrations allow you the option to bring your outside analytics into the platform to keep all of your tracking in one place.  IZEA® Flex currently supports integrations with Shopify and Google Analytics.


Shopify is a complete commerce platform that allows you to easily ship and sell your products. With Flex, you can link your Shopify account to your Flex account to see how many sales a creator drove, what the cost per sale was and the return on ad spend. 

Connecting Your Shopify Account

  • To add your Shopify account, select Integrations > Connect.
  • Enter in your Shopify account link and then select Continue

Please note: You do not need to include the .myshopify.com portion of your link. The platform will include it automatically. 

  • You will then be directed to a Shopify verification modal. Enter in the requested information and select Update Unlisted App
    • Selecting Update Unlisted App allows the Flex platform to view your Shopify account data.
  • Once your Shopify account has been connected, you will see it listed under your Shopify section under Integrations

Viewing Your Shopify Data

After your Shopify account has been connected, you will be able to view the data from Shopify directly in your Flex account.

  • To view your Shopify data, select View.
  • From here, there are two ways to view your Shopify data.
    • The first is by using the table provided to sort your data. You can edit the columns and data presented by selecting Columns.  
    • The second is by selecting the icon. This will take you into a more in-depth view of your data.  

Google Analytics

74% of the most popular websites in the world use Google Analytics to measure and optimize site performance. When you enable Google Analytics in Flex, we use the associations encoded in Flex Tracking Links to provide detailed metrics from your most trusted source of data - your site itself. If Google can track it, Flex can track it. Google Analytics enables new metrics for each tracking link, such as time on site, engagement, conversion and most importantly, sales.

Connecting Your Google Analytics Account

  • To add your Google Analytics account, select Integrations > Connect.
  • You will then be prompted to connect your Google Analytics account by signing into Google. 
  • Once your Google Analytics account has been connected, you will see it listed under your Google Analytics section under Integrations

Viewing Your Google Analytics

After your Google Analytics account is connected to the platform, you will be able to view your analytics in a variety of places. Contacts, Companies, Content and Tracking Links will all have this information available under the Google Analytics section. 

Important note: Tracking Links must be associated with the contacts, companies or content to view the Google Analytics information.

  • To view your Google Analytics data, select View and then the Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 4-04-46 PM-png icon.
  • You will be presented with the properties that are associated with the Google Analytics you have connected. To dive deeper into these properties, select the Screen Shot 2022-09-20 at 4-04-46 PM-pngicon. 
  • From here, you will be able to view the traffic acquisition for your tracking link content.