Inviting Stakeholders to Copilot

Applies to: Power plan only.

With Copilot you can give limited access to your influencer campaigns directly from your Flex Organization. 

Inviting Stakeholders to Copilot

Please note: You must have your Account Admin permissions to manage account members enable to invite users to Copilot.

  • To invite a user, select your name at the top of your account and then Users.
  • From here, select Invite User > Account Clients
    • You can then add one or more email addresses, separated by a comma.
  • Select the accounts you want the new user(s) to have access to.
  • Confirm the desired access for each module. The default includes ViewExport and Delete permissions across the modules and can be changed by clicking the Permissions box next to each module.
  • Send the invite(s) by clicking Send Invite.
  • Once sent, your stakeholder will receive an email welcoming them, providing them with their user name and a temporary password. 
    • They will be able to accept the invite by selecting Accept Invite.
    • Lastly, they will need to enter the verification code to verify their email. 

Editing Stakeholder Permissions

You can edit a user’s permissions if you are an Organization Admin

  • To edit a user, select your name in the upper right-hand corner and then Users.
  • Click on the name of the user you would like to edit.
  • Navigate to the account where you would like to edit the user's permissions and then, select Update Permissions.
  • Select which permissions you would like this user to have and then select Save Changes