Inviting Users and Editing User Permissions

IZEA® Flex users with invite and edit permissions, can select which permissions your other account members have to the accounts in your organization. 

Inviting Users

When inviting new users, you will be prompted to select a user type and set their permissions. These permissions can be customized to each user in your account.  

  • To invite a user, select your name at the top of your account and then Users.
  • From here, select Invite User > Organization Members
  • You can then add one or more email addresses, separated by a comma.
  • Select the User Type and click Continue.
  • Select the accounts you want the new user(s) to have access to.
  • Confirm the desired access for each module. The default includes View, Edit, Export and Delete permissions across all modules and can be changed by clicking Customize Each Module.

Important note: If you have added multiple user emails, you will select the same permissions for each user at this point. You can edit each individual user later on. 

  • Send the invite(s) by clicking Send Invite.

Editing Users

You can edit a user’s permissions if you are an Organization Admin

  • To edit a user, select your name in the upper right-hand corner and then Users.
  • Click on the name of the user you would like to edit.
    • You can now edit their User Type and account access.
  • Select which permissions you would like this user to have and then select Save Changes