Creating and Using Lists

The Contacts module allows you to create and download lists to organize your contacts. There are no limitations on how lists can be created. To provide a few examples, you can organize contacts by creators who would be a great fit for an upcoming initiative, creators within a certain location or who have certain types of pets.

Flex also includes Smart Lists which are creator lists that are automatically created when certain fields are set on a creator’s contact record.

Creating Lists

The Lists feature can be found under the Lists tab in the Contacts module. 

  • To create a list, select + New Contact List
  • Enter the name and select your sharing settings. 
  • Once finished, select Create List

Adding Contacts to a List

There is no limit to the number of contacts you can add to a list. You can add contacts to lists individually or in bulk. 

Adding Contacts Individually

  • From the Contacts overview page - Select the menu option next to the Contact’s name
  • From the Contact profile - Using the  icon or by selecting the menu icon and Add to List

Adding Contacts in Bulk

  • From the Contacts overview, select the contacts you want to add by clicking the check box next to their name.  
  • Once you have selected your contacts, the Select All option will update to an Actions button. Select Actions > Add to List
  • Select the list and then Add to List.

Pro tip: There is an option to create a new list in the Add to List step if you would like to select your creators before you create the list.

Smart Lists

Smart lists can be found under the Lists tab in the Contacts module when you have Contacts with specific attributes. These fields can be set when creating your contacts.

Flex will automatically create a Creator Smart List when you have at least one contact that meets the following criteria:

  1. The Contact type is set to Creator.
  2. The Gender is set to male or female or the ethnicity is set.

More Smart Lists will be added in the future to create automatic lists based on other contact fields.