BrandGraph - What is a BrandGraph Seed?

    With a paid plan, you are allocated a certain number of Seeds. A Brand Seed is any owned Brand(s) and competitors you would like ingested into BrandGraph to begin gathering data. Your Seeds will be placed into Categories for further data collection.

    The allocated Brand seeds are collected at the beginning of the subscription, and it takes approximately 30 days for data to be collected and displayed in BrandGraph. 

    Identifying Brand Content

    To gather data for your Brand Seeds, BrandGraph will use the Brand’s associated social media handles, website, and their hashtags to identify content that mentions that Brand. BrandGraph also uses Phrase Matches and Proximity Identifiers related to the Brand to accurately identify content specific to it. Read more about BrandGraph Data.

    Brand Suggestions

    Outside of your subscription, if you do not see a Brand using the search tool, you can at any time request additional Brands to be added by using the Suggestions tab.