When you first log into your account you will be taken to the main page, your Marketer Dashboard. From here you will be able to locate your Campaigns and navigate to other pages within the platform. Let's get started! 

Navigation Bar

Sponsorship and Content

There are two types of Campaigns in the platform; Sponsorship Campaigns and Content Campaigns. Sponsorship pertains to posts that Creators distribute through their social channels. For example, creating a blog post and sharing it with their followers on their blog. Content refers to Articles, Infographics, and Images that are delivered directly to you without distribution on the Creator's social channels. For example, an article that could be used either on your Brand's website or in a newspaper/magazine. You can find more information about creating Opportunities for these types of Campaigns here


ContentAmp is a way to promote your owned media through social influencer sharing on a performance basis. ContentAmp is perfect for if you have a direct response budget and existing content streams. It is designed to share branded content served by an interested Creator who believes their audience will engage with the content. You can find more information about ContentAmp here


The List feature allows you to create vetted lists of Creators that you can use to group Creators for specific Opportunities. These lists will only be available to you and will not be accessible by any other users in the system. You can find more information about Lists here

Platform Search and Creator Search

Platform Search: The Platform Search tool allows you to navigate through the entire network of Creators based on a specific social media platform.

Creator Search: Not all Creators in the network are social influencers with social platform connections, so Creator Search was developed to help Marketers find professional journalists, photographers, and other content creators. 


If you have expenses that need to be paid to Creator's who have participated in a Campaign, you can send a payment to the Creator on your Payments tab. The Payments tab is not to be used for paying Creator's for their posts for any Sponsorship or Content opportunities that they have completed through the platform. You can find more information about your Payments tab here.


Marketer Tools were designed to help Marketers manage and track their Campaign attributes (i.e. hashtags, @mentions etc.) SocialSearch will show you historical trends based on a certain hashtag or keyword. ShareMonitor will help you keep track of how many times your URLs are shared on social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest. You can learn more about Marketer Tools here

Balance Bar 

The Balance Bar is essentially your Marketer Wallet. These funds are available for you to allocate to your Campaigns and Opportunities. If you click on the Balance Bar you will be taken to your Finance Dashboard where you can view all the Financial information for your account.  

Message Center

Next to your Balance button, you will see your Message Center icon. This button will take you directly to your Message Center for all of your Offer Chats. Once on the Message Center Dashboard, you can navigate through all of your Offer Chats with the Creators.

Open Campaigns 

From the account Dashboard, you can also view all of your Open Campaigns. If you have multiple Campaigns you may filter through them by either entering the Campaign Name or selecting one of our filtering options. 

Archived Campaigns 

Archived Campaigns are Campaigns that are no longer active. You can navigate to your Archived Campaigns and re-enable them from the Archived tab. You can also filter through your Archived Campaigns by entering the Campaign Name or selecting one of our Filtering options. 

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