Multi-Channel search allows Marketers to find Creators leveraging their full profiles and not limiting them to single designated platforms (IE: Twitter, Instagram). 

Navigating Multi-Channel Search 

To locate Multi-Channel Search, log into your account and select the Search navigation tab.

Once on the Search page, you will notice pre-populated Creators and also their Connections, total Follower count, CPE, and InRank score. Below you will find a brief description of each of these elements:

  • Connections- all social platforms the Creators has added to their account.
  • Follower Count- the aggregate total of all of the Creator's Connected Connections. 
  • CPE- Cost Per Engagement 
  • InRank Score- a measure of overall influence over a Creator's entire social graph. 

With Multi-Channel Search, you will also be able to filter through our network of Creators based on a keyword of your choosing. If you would like to refine your search further, you can filter your results using the advanced filtering system. To do this click on the filters button next to the search button. The advanced filter will help you to locate specific Creators depending on your search criteria. If you are using a keyword, enter the keyword first then start building out your filters.

Search filters can be used to find Creators and Connections for Sponsorship Opportunities, Content Opportunities or a combination of the two. For example, if you are looking for Creators with Instagram Connections who have written for national publications you would use a combination of the Sponsorship and Content filters. 

Once you have located a Creator of interest you can select "View" to see all of the Creators information. If the Creator looks like a fit for your Campaign you can either send them a Direct Offer or add them to a list directly from the search page.

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