Once a Creator has submitted their content, you will have the chance to review it before you are able to download a copy. This article will walk you through the process of reviewing content and requesting a revision. 

1. From your Content Marketer Dashboard, click the number under Actions. Make sure you are on the Content tab on the left-hand navigation.

2. From your Campaign Dashboard, click the number under Content. 

3. You will be taken to the Ready for Review tab. Click View next to the offer you would like to review. 

4. This will show the content in its entirety, any additional files the Creator has provided, instructions for using the annotation tool to request revisions, and the requirements you have provided to the Creator which can be checked off. In order to request a change regarding a specific word or sentence of the content, simply highlight the text and an Annotations box will appear where you are able to add your feedback. *Make sure to click the Add button or your feedback will not be added:

5. Once your Annotations have been added, you can scroll to the bottom to click Request Revision which will prompt a box to include general revision feedback to the Creator. 

6. Enter your text into the Revise box and click Submit

7. The offer will move to the Waiting for Revisions tab while you wait for the Creator to make the proposed changes.

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