If you have a specific Creator in mind that you would like to make an offer to, you will need to make them a Direct Offer. In order to make a Direct Offer you must first have created Opportunities. If you have not created your Opportunities, the following articles will walk you through this process:

  • Article Opportunity
  • Illustration Opportunity
  • Photo Opportunity
  • Video Opportunity

Once your Opportunity has been created and approved by the review team, you are ready to make a Direct Offer.

1. Log into your account and navigate to either the Creator Search or the Multi-Channel Search tab on the far left-hand side. 

2. Type the Creators name or connection name in the search box provided. Click Search

3. All of the Creators that match your search criteria will populate below. Select the drop-down menu next to View and click Direct Offer

4. Select the Opportunity you would like the Creator to participate in and click Submit. Most Creators will have a Direct Offer price set however, some Creators will give you the option to create your own price. Please note that there is no way to negotiate a set Direct Offer price.

5. If you do not have enough funds in your account to cover the cost of the offer, you will receive an error message that the "Direct Offer amount must be less than or equal to $0.00." You can add funds to your account by PayPal or credit card. 

6. Once the offer is sent, the Creator will be notified of the offer by email and the offer will move into your Direct Offers Sent tab.

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