With the Offer Chat feature, Creators and Marketers can communicate seamlessly with a simple click. This article will walk you through reviewing content while responding to a chat. 

1. From the Campaign dashboard, click the highlighted number under Actions.

2. At the Opportunity level, you will need to click the highlighted number under Content. 

3. This will show you all Content that is ready to be reviewed. Select View

4. If the Creator has sent a chat, you will notice a number in the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner. 

5. Click the Chat Icon to open the Offer Chat. You will be able to view the Creator pitch, all previous messages, and all the states the offer has been through. 

6. Enter your message in the chat box and click Send. You can exit the Offer Chat box by clicking Cancel.

7. You may also need to send the content back to the Creator for revisions. To do so, click the Request Revision button. 

8. Enter your message in the text box and click Submit

9. The offer will move to the Waiting for Revision tab. You can click View from here to enter Offer Chat again while the Creator is revising the content. 

Once the Creator revises and resubmits their content, you can request another revision, approve, or decline the content.

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