If you need to reopen an offer you may do so at anytime from your Opportunity Dashboard. 

1. Locate and select Campaign where the offers are housed from the Marketer Dashboard.  

2. From here you will be taken to the Campaign Dashboard. Locate the Opportunity with the notification and select the number under the Missed column. 

3. Navigate to your Missed tab and select the offer you would like to reopen. Select Reopen. 

4.  From here you will be able to select a new Due date by clicking the drop-down arrows next to the date and time. Once the calendar popup appears, select your new date and time, then click Apply

5. Once you have made your changes select Reopen

6. The Offer will move to the state it was in before it closed (in this case Waiting For Content) and the Creator will be able to resubmit for review. 

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