When negotiating a bid price, you have the option to chat with the Creator. Keep in mind that you cannot discuss pricing through Offer Chat and cannot share contact information. 

1. Once you have located the offer that you are negotiating, you can chat with the Creator by clicking the chat icon in the top-right corner under the Help button. This can be helpful if you have a question about their pitch or need to gather more information to make sure they are a good fit for the campaign. Please note that you are not able to discuss pricing in this chat or share contact information. Type your message and then click Send

2. You will see the Creator's Pitch followed by your question. The chat history will be stored in this window until the Offer has been completely closed out.

3. Your message will be sent to the Creator.You also have the option to negotiate the price from this page. Enter the price you are willing to accept and then click Submit Bid

4. If the Creator responds to your negotiated amount and includes a response to your chat message, you can click the chat icon to view the new message. 

The chat conversation can continue until the Offer life cycle is complete and content has been published.

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