Influencers - When Do I Get Paid And Where Do I Find My Pending Payments?

    In the platform, all payments are posted to your account 45 days after you have published your content within the system and it has been verified. Once payment has been posted to your account, you will need to have your PayPal email added to your account so that you can click to cash out of the platform. 

    There are two places you can go to check your estimated payout date in the platform.

    The first place you can check is your Finance tab. *Please keep in mind that your plan level will determine your cash out threshold.

    Where Do I Find My Pending Payments?

    • Select your avatar at the top of your account and click on Finance.


    • You will then be taken to your main finance dashboard where you can view your pending payments.



    • You can also search for pending payments for a certain date range by selecting the calendar icon.



    • All of your pending payments for the date range you selected will now be shown.



    • You can also view your estimated payout date on your Unity Workflow Dashboard once you have completed a project. 

    Where Do I Find My Completed Projects?


    • From your Unity Workflow Dashboard, click Projects in the menu at the top of the screen.


    • From here, click the Completed tab to navigate to the list of projects you have completed or that are awaiting post verification for payout.



    • On the right-hand side, your estimated payout date is visible under the column payout date.



    Please note: This date is estimated and does not guarantee payment on this date.