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What Type of Reporting Does the Managed Services Team Provide?

Your campaign is live. Now what? IZEA’s Managed Services team keeps you informed throughout the campaign. You’ll get regular reporting based on your campaign’s length and budget. 

We provide all the metrics you need to gauge your influencer marketing ROI on a mutually agreed-upon cadence delivered from our platform. Our recommendation regarding the cadence of delivery is as follows based on the campaign duration:

  • 1 month (or less) to 3 months: weekly reporting
  • 3-6 months: biweekly reporting
  • 6 months or longer: monthly reporting

We deliver organic and paid content metrics, including followers, engagements, views, URL clicks and more. 

When the campaign ends, you’ll reveal a full summary and analysis of the results in a wrap report, delivered in PDF format. This report shows snapshots of the content, recommendations for optimizing future campaigns and the final metrics (consistent with analytics reporting).