Influencers - What Is IZEA?

What is IZEA?

We develop technology that helps marketers and creators connect. IZEA® created the sponsored social industry in 2006 when we launched the first technology platform to pay bloggers to create content for brands. Since then, we have grown from a guy with an idea to a NASDAQ traded company serving the world’s top Marketers and creators/influencers.

What is Flex?

Flex introduces end-to-end tracking of social commerce, allowing marketers to easily measure the impact of individual influencers on e-commerce revenue at scale. The platform is also designed to support marketers who are executing next-generation influencer activations in the metaverse, as well as producing new content types such as branded NFTs.

At launch, IZEA Flex will offer eight core modules: Discover, ContentMine, ShareMonitor, Integrations, Tracking Links, Contacts, Transactions and Campaigns. 

What is The Creator Marketplace?

The Creator Marketplace combines all sponsored social and content opportunities provided by IZEA into one central location. Within the platform, we are able to execute sponsorship campaigns across all major social media platforms, as well as execute content campaigns with our professional writers.

Do I have to pay to be a part of The Creator Marketplace?

The Creator Marketplace has three plan options available which you can view here. The first plan is free and will still allow for us to send endless direct campaign offers for you to participate in (ones you don’t have to bid on). There is no limit on the amount we can send you and the amount you can accept to participate in, it will, however, place a limit on the number of bids you can put in each month.

For example: You are allowed five (5) bids per month under the Free plan. The basic plan is $1 per month and allows for endless bidding, while the pro allows for endless bidding, a pro banner and pushes your bid to the top during the approval process!

Where can I sign up?!

If you have not already signed up, you can sign up as a creator by following the instructions below: