Influencers - What Is Incapsula And How Do I Allow Access?

If you are experiencing issues connecting your blog and adding your Google Analytics it may be due to a service called Incapsula. Incapsula is a service that tags our system as a bot and blocks our access to the content on your blog. You can tell if you are using this service by inspecting the source of the blog. There will be a bit of code (JavaScript) on your blog that says “Incapsula” in it. If you are using Incapsula, please follow the steps below to allow the platform access. 

1. Log into your Incapsula account and click on Stats next to the blog you are trying to allow access to.



2. Click on the Settings tab in the upper right-hand corner.



3. Click on Security on the lower right side.



4. Locate the Whitelist Specific Sources section on the bottom of the page. From here you will need to input ALL of the IP addresses provided (see below) before you will be able to connect your blog. 




5. Once you have done this click Save.

It may take a few minutes for your updates to take effect in Incapsula. However, once the updates have been made please let our Customer Success team know by opening a ticket. They will be happy to assist you in finishing connecting your blog.