Marketers - What Are The Three Types Of Lists?

    In the system there are three types of creator lists; Exchange, Organization, and Marketer. These lists are custom and can be built out by your team to include the creators you would like to showcase or use in campaigns. 

    For example; if you have found a grouping of travel creators you would like to use in future campaigns, you would want to create a travel list and add these creators to the list. This will make it easier for you to invite this list of creators to future projects and also send these creators to your clients for review using the delegated creator review feature.

    Exchange List - An exchange list is a pre-created list curated by the team at IZEA. These lists can't be modified by organizations and are programmatically created at the exchange level. You can, however, copy exchange lists and create a modified exchange list at the organization or marketer level. 

    Organization List - An organization list is created at the organization admin level from the lists navigation tab. These lists can be shared with all of the marketer accounts in an organization. You can only add creators to an organization list at the organization admin level.

    Marketer List - Marketer lists are created in marketer accounts. These lists can be shared with an organization if the organization admin approves the list. You can only add creators to a marketer list from a marketer account. 

    This article will walk you through creating, sharing and removing lists.