Marketers: Creating Tracking Links

Tracking in IZEA allows you to create customizable UTMs (Urchin Tracking Modules) for your Influencers to include in their sponsored social posts. A UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) is a simple code that can be attached to any URL to generate Google Analytics data for social media campaigns.

With tracking, influencers do not need to be part of the IZEA platform for you to receive click tracking on the content they create for your brand.  Simply create your tracking link in the platform and send it to your Influencer. 

Creating Tracking Links

Pro tip: Have your destination link and UTM parameters on hand before starting this process. 

  • Once inside your Marketer account select Tracking in the left-hand navigation.
  • From here, select Add Link
    • Destination links are customizable using Campaign Variables. Select Configure UTM Parameters to view the following options: 
      • Source - Show which site the visitors are coming from.
      • Medium - Show which marketing channels are bringing visitors to your site. Examples include, but aren't limited to, email, social, or cost-per-click.
      • Campaign - Identify which campaign the promotion is associated with.  
      • Content - Identify the exact element on your ad or promotion users clicked. This is often used for optimization purposes.
    • For your link settings, we recommend using a naming convention that easily differentiates this link from others that may exist. For example, you can use your Influencers' name, social channels, or even a combination of the two with your campaign name. 
      • Example link name: Victoria Jones - FunsInTheFlaSuns - Spring 2022
    • Now that your link has been created, you can copy the link and send it to your creator directly. 
      Copy Short URL

Pro tip: Send the creator the Short URL for social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This helps  minimize the character count used for these links.

Editing Tracking Links

Caution: If you edit the short URL of your Link Settings, you will need to provide the Influencer with the edited URL. 

  • Navigate to your link and select the options menu Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 11.29.40 AM> Edit Link.
  • From here you will have the option to edit the tracking link and link settings. Once you have made your changes select, Save Changes.