Marketers - Using Direct Pay to Reimburse Creator Expenses

    The Direct Pay tab allows you to reimburse creators for expenses incurred during a campaign. Please note that this is not the process to pay a creator for creating sponsored content or content without distribution. All payments for content should be facilitated through the opportunity process. The following article will walk you through sending a payment to a creator to reimburse them for expenses. 

    • Click the Direct Pay tab on the left-hand navigation
    •  If you have created any payments previously, they will appear here. To start a new payment, click the Send Payment button. 
    • Enter the payment description. This will be shown to the creator once your payment has been created and sent.  
    •  Select the associated campaign. This is important as the payment to the creator will be withdrawn from the selected campaign. If you do not have funds in your campaign balance, these funds will come from your account balance.
    •  Choose the creator. At this point, you will select the creator that this payment is assigned to. Simply start to type the name of the creator in the box provided and a list of creators will populate. Select the appropriate creator. 
    •  Once you have filled out all of the above information, click Add Payment Details. 
    •  From here you will be taken to the Send Payment page. The top portion of the Send Payment page will show the Creator's name, Location, Campaign, Description, the Transaction ID number, and the Payment status. In order to submit your Payment to the Creator, you will need to add line items to the Payment.
    • Date - This can be the date the expense occurred or the current date. 
    • Type - The Type of Payment being made. The Payment can be related to an expense for a Sponsorship or Content Opportunity or can be a general Expense or Misc Payment if not related to a Campaign. Selecting Expense or Misc will allow you to select a Merchant in the next step, however, selecting a Sponsorship or Content type will not allow you to complete this field. 
    • Merchant - This option is only if you select an Expense or Misc Payment Type. This is a free-form field and is optional.
    • Notes - Enter any necessary notes to describe the Payment.
    • Amount - Enter the Payment amount.

    Once you have entered all of this information, click Create Line Item. 

    •  The line item will be created below and a transaction fee will automatically be added. You can upload receipts or any other needed documentation by clicking the Upload Files button. If needed, you can Edit or Remove the line item by clicking the drop-down next to Upload Files. 
    •  Once you have added all necessary line items for the Payment, click Send Payment. 
    •  Your Payment will be sent to your Organizations Admin for review and once approved sent to the Creator.