Marketers - Understanding Campaign Finances

Understanding how your account finances work is a crucial part in making sure you secure enough content for a successful campaign. Depending on the type of project you have created, your campaign finances will work in different ways. 

Direct Offers

  • When making a direct offer, you must have enough funds in your balance to cover the cost of the offer. The funds will go on hold as soon as the offer is made and will be paid to the creator 45 days after their content goes live.
  • If the creator does not accept the direct offer in time or you decide to void the offer, the funds will go back to your campaign balance (if you have set one) or to your main balance (if you have not set a campaign balance). 

Open Bidding

  • Creating an open bidding project will allow you to get an idea of who might be interested in participating in your campaign before you allocate funds to a specific creator. Once you have a list of interested creators, you can then vet through the list and accept the best creators for your campaign. Funds will go on hold once you accept a bid to be paid to the creator 45 days after their content goes live. 


  • In order to negotiate an offer price, you must have the funds in either the campaign balance (if you initially set one) or in your main balance. These funds will go on hold once you have negotiated a new offer price.