Marketers: Reading Tracking Link Analytics

Tracking analytics provides you with detailed information about the tracking link you create. Insights, click quality, and click activity can all be found in your tracking analytics. 

Accessing Analytics

Please note: You must have created your tracking link before you will be able to view the details option shown below.

  • Once inside your Marketer account select Tracking in the left-hand navigation.
  • Select the View Details icon View Details next to your link(s).

Links Insights

Link insights provides you with an overview of the analytics provided by your tracking link. You can find more detailed information in the Click Quality and Click Activity tabs. 

Please note: All data for tracking links is provided in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), unless otherwise stated. You can find a helpful UTC conversion calculator here

  • All data will default to the last seven calendar days. You can edit the timeframe for the data shown by navigating to the calendar and selecting one of the pre-populated options or choosing your own timeframe on the calendar. 

Tracking - Calendar Option

Valid Clicks 
Valid clicks are clicks that are considered low risk by our third party fraud click detection. The Click Quality tab provides you with a detailed break-down of each click, both valid and otherwise.

Top Referrer
Top referrer is the top webpage that sends visitors to your site using the tracking link(s) you created. For example, if the Influencer @funsintheflasuns generates the most traffic to your site she will appear as your top referrer. 

Clicks By Time Of Day

Pro tip: Keeping track of your clicks by the time of day can help you to schedule posts in the future to drive more traffic to your site. 

Clicks By The Time of Day, as it states, represents the time of day that clicks were garnered. Hovering over each box will show you the hour and amount of clicks generated. The Click Activity tab provides you with more detailed breakdowns of the click times. 

Top Audience Location

Top Audience Location provides information about where the user who click on the influencer's links are located. The Insights page provides you with a top-level view of your clicks by country. The Click Activity tab provides you with more detailed breakdowns of the audience location. 


Device provides you with information about which devices consumers are using to click your links. Devices like iPads and Tablets will appear under the Mobile section.   

Click Quality 

Click Quality provides you with the overall quality of the clicks on your link. Our third-party click authenticator separates valid from suspicious clicks. Suspicious clicks can be any of the following:

  • Abusive IP (Internet Protocol) - Improper use of an IP address or server. This includes phishing, spam, and other attacks. 
  • Tor - Open-source software that allows users to surf the internet anonymously. 
  • Crawler - Bots that systematically browsers the web and is typically operated by search engines for the purpose of web indexing.  
  • Proxy - Acts as a gateway that is ideal for basic functions like anonymous web browsing and managing content restrictions. 
  • Bot - A software program that automatically generates messages. They imitate humans online and can be used to infiltrate groups of people and propagate specific ideas. 

Pro tip: Based on our own campaign research click quality can be affected by:

  • Load times on pages (after 2.5 seconds users tend to exit the page)
  • High fake follower accounts
  • Bots

Click Activity

Click Activity provides you with an in-depth look at the individual clicks from your tracking link. Information like click location, device and click fraud can be found here. 

  • You can filter the data in each column by selecting the Filter menu option  Tracking - Filtering Menu next to the desired column. 
  • If you would like to filter the data by date range, you can do this by selecting the menu option Tracking - Date Filter Menu  > Filter By Date Range.

Tracking - Filter by date range