Influencers - Submitting Links For Manual Verification

In the system, your posts are programmatically checked by our verification process. Verification is a process through which the platform checks to make sure everything you have posted matches what was approved by the marketer within the system. If your post does not pass verification, you will have the option to request that the marketer manually verify your post. 

Posts may not pass verification for a number of reasons, the most common being an issue with the required elements in your live post. Many times a marketer will approve these changes off platform after the content has already been approved in the system. In these instances, you will need to request a manual verification of your live link. 

1. When your post has been approved, it will appear on your dashboard as ready to publish. Click on the project name to be taken to your content.


  • Once inside your offer select, publish content. 



  • Once submitted your post will show as Pending Verification. The Marketer will then have the option to approve your post or request a revision.

Please note: If you have other Tasks that are dependent on this Task publishing, you will have to wait for the Marketer to approve your post before publishing your other live links.