Influencers - Submitting A Published Instagram Story

Provided you have not disabled your global email notifications, you will receive an email update and your Project will show back up in your Account Dashboard once your Instagram Story has been approved by the Marketer. 

At this time, you will now need to publish your Story on Instagram, and then complete the below steps to submit your Story to the Marketer for completion in the system. 

Please note: You will need to publish your story from within your Instagram account on your mobile device, however you will need to complete the remaining steps (which are required in the system before the payment process can begin) from a laptop or desktop browser. System workflow cannot be completed on mobile web or app.


Table of Contents

Step 1: Review Your Approved Draft

Step 2: Publish Your Content From Your Mobile Device

Step 3: Upload Your Published Content To The System

Step 4: Upload & Submit Your Story Insights


Step 1: Review Your Approved Draft

1. From your Dashboard, click the Offer that is ready to have live content published for it (it will be listed as Ready To Publish) by clicking the Project name



2. Locate the Instagram Story Task labeled Ready To Publish and click Publish Content.



3. You will be taken to the Publish tab, where you will need to review the Approved Frame(s). At this point, you will now need to move to your mobile device to rebuild and publish your live story. Please make sure to include all of the Required Elements and FTC Disclosure.



Step 2: Publish Your Content From Your Mobile Device

1. Log in to your Instagram account on your mobile device.

2. From here, create a new Story.

3. Referencing the draft content the Marketer approved in the system, be sure to include FTC required disclosure (#ad or #sponsored) and any other required elements (mentions, hashtags, etc) the Marketer has requested. 

4. After you have created and posted your Story live to your Instagram, tap the  icon to save your image(s) or video(s) to your mobile device.

5. You will now need to transfer your media from your mobile device to your laptop or desktop computer in order to upload it to your Offer in the system.

Step 3: Upload Your Published Content To The System

1. From your Dashboard select the Project name.



2. Locate the Instagram Story Task and click Publish Content.



3. From the Publish Content page, scroll down to Step 2 to drag and drop your media, or click the + icon in the media box(es) to upload your media.



4. If your Story includes more than one Frame, you will need to upload every Frame for your Story here. 



5. Once each Frame has finished uploading, it will collapse and turn green. If you need to leave this page and come back to it later, your media will autosave as soon as a Frame has collapsed and turned green. Once you have uploaded all media pertaining to your Story, the Confirm Published Frames button at the bottom will turn dark green. Click Confirm Published Frames to move to the next step.



Step 4: Upload & Submit Your Story Insights

1. After you have clicked Confirm Published Frames, you will be taken to the Metrics tab. From here, you will need to upload screenshots of your Story insights for each frame that you have published. 

For more information on how to locate your story insights, please click here. If you need to scroll within Instagram in order to see all the metrics for a given Frame, please be sure to take two screenshots, so that all your metrics are accounted for and uploaded to the system, like in the below example. 



The system will take you through each Frame individually. After you have uploaded screenshot(s) of your metrics for your first Frame, you will be prompted to either Manually Add Metrics or Auto Gather Metrics. Click which option you would prefer.



2. You will then be taken to a flyout which lists all the potential metrics your Story Frame may have. Please take time to scroll down on this page, confirm your metric data is correct, and in the boxes provided correct your metrics if needed. This is an important step, as the Marketer will need this information in order to complete your Offer. 



3. Once you have confirmed / entered your metrics data, scroll down to the bottom of the flyout and click Submit Metrics.



4. After you have completed this process for each frame of your story, your metrics flyouts will collapse and the final Submit Metrics button at the bottom of the page will turn green. Click Submit Metrics to submit all Frames to the Marketer for review. 



5. At this point, your Story will be sent to the Marketer, who will review your Frames and Metrics, and either approve them as is, or request that you revise your submissions. 



6. In order to ensure that you receive email notification updates from the Marketer for your Offer, we recommend that you have your email notifications turned on and that you do not have your global notifications disabled. Please continue to check your email and Account Dashboard for updates.



7. After the Marketer has approved your Story Frames and Metrics, and if this Deliverable is only for a single Instagram Story, your Offer will move to the Completed tab of the Projects section of your account, and you will see the status of your Offer change to Awaiting Payout.



8. However, if there are more posts in this Deliverable that are still awaiting completion, you will now need to complete those before the 45 day system verification period prior to payment will begin.