Marketers - Social Media Connection Statuses

Social media profiles are known as Connections in the system. As you begin navigating throughout the system, you may notice that Creator Connections will display certain status labels. A Connection's status can change at any time, depending on what action the Creator has taken on their end. Below, you will find a breakdown of what each Connection status means in the system. 


A social media Connection is considered Connected when the Creator has taken the necessary steps on their end to authorize access. You will not see a label for Connected Social Media Connections, they will simply appear as the below Connection does. 




Connections are considered Expired if a Creator needs to reauthorize system access. Reauthorizing a Connection reactivates the Creators OAuth permissions, and allows the system to pull data for that specific Connection. Connections will need to be reauthorized if a Creator changes any of the previous permissions on that specific social media channel, or if that specific social media channel has decided that the Creator needs to reauthorize third party access to their platform. For example; if a Creator changes their Facebook password, they will need to reauthorize their Facebook Connection in the platform.

Expired Connections will still display when you are searching for Creators in the system, however, you will not be able to send a Creator an Offer for an Expired Connection. Prior to sending an Offer, you will need to reach out to the Creator by either using our in-system Chat feature, or by emailing the Creator directly, and asking them to reauthorize their Connection. 




For Instagram Connections, you may notice that some of them will display a Business label. The Business label means that the Creator has set up their Instagram as either a Business or Creator Account from within their Instagram settings. What's great about this is that Business Instagram Accounts will allow the system to gather more insight metrics than Personal Instagram Accounts will provide.




For both Instagram and Facebook Connections, you will see one of two labels listed: Supported or Authorized. Authorized means that the Creator has set up the necessary permissions on their end in order to allow Promoted Posts access for their social media account.




Supported, on the other hand, means that the Creator has not yet set up the necessary permissions on their end to allow Promoted Post access for their social media account. 


If you would like to request that a Creator sets up Promotion access on their end, simply click the three dots in the top right of their Profile and select Request Promotion Access.