Shake Seller - When Do I Get Paid And Where Do I Find My Pending Payments?

Payment is posted to your account 45 days after your Order status has changed from delivered to accepted. Once the Buyer accepts the Shake, the payout period begins and on the 45th day, you will be able to cash out your balance to your PayPal account.

  • To check the status of your payment, select the menu option Shake - Drop Down on the top right corner of your account. This will reveal the drop-down menu where you can then select, Transactions.
  • From Transactions, you will see a list of all the Shakes you have sold and the status of each one, whether they are Pending, Paid, or have been previously Withdrawn.
    • If the Activity is marked as Pending then the Shake is still going through the 45-day payment period.
    • If the Activity is marked as Paid then you are able to Cash Out your Balance by clicking Cash Out to PayPal.
  • Once you click to cash out your funds, a flyout will appear prompting you to input your cash out amount. You can choose to cash out all or portion of your funds. 

Please note: A $3.00 service fee will be applied if the transferred amount is below $100.