Shake Buyer - Buying Your First Shake

Shake is an online Marketplace that allows Sellers to offer services, delivered digitally, for a self-set price. Influencers, Creators, Photographers, Podcasters, and more can use IZEA’s Shake to collaborate and transact with individual Buyers.

In this article, we will walk you through purchasing your first Shake in the Marketplace. Let's get Shakin'! 

  •  Once in your Buyer account, you will be able to view all of the Shakes available for purchase in the Marketplace. 

Pro Tip: You can search for Shakes in the Marketplace by selecting the search icon at the top of your account next to Orders or use the Recent Shakes option to view newly created Shakes. 

  •  After you have chosen a Shake you would like to purchase, click on the image of the Shake. This will take you to the Shake Details where you can choose the Deal you would like to purchase.
    • Deals and Options that are set by the Seller when they create the Shake. Below you will see an example and definition for each of items:
      • Deals - various packages that Sellers can create to offer to Buyers.
      •  Options - services that can be added to the selected Deal of the Shake you are purchasing. You will only be able to add Options after you have selected your Deal and Buy.
  •  After you have selected your Deal/options, select Buy

Once you select Buy ,you will be taken to Stripe. 

  • This will show you the invoice of the Shake you are Buying as well as a pop out to either add your Credit Card Information or use a saved card on file. 
  •  You can now Enter your Credit Card or used a saved Card stored on file.
  •  Once Payment has been established, the Seller has 15 days to create your Shake to your specified campaign or agreed upon Deliverables. 
  •  Once your Order has been funded, the Seller will have the option to accept your Order and begin creating your Content.

Pro Tip: Once funded, the Seller will get to work on creating your Shake. You are also able to reach out to them via the Chat feature for direct contact on any changes that may need to take place.