Shake Buyer - Buying a Shake

Once a Seller has accepted your Shake order, the Order chat process begins. Our automated tool, Shakebot, will guide you through a seamless delivery process!

First, the Seller may have requests that they’d like you to answer about what to include in the post such as hashtags, links, or other information. If they have any requests for you, they’ll appear here. Fill out the information and select Submit. If you have nothing to add to these requests, you can say N/A.

Now it’s time to let the Seller get to work! Sit back, relax, and wait for content to be delivered to you. If you have any questions for the Seller in the meantime, you’re able to utilize the Shake Order Chat to communicate with them at any time. 

When the Seller has completed the content, they’ll submit the content in the Shake Order Chat. 

To view the image, select the ellipses menu and select Show Image

If you’re satisfied with the deliverable, you can select Accept. If you’d like to request a revision and you still have revisions remaining, you can select Request Revision

*Pro tip! You can check how many revisions are remaining in the right hand panel under Order Status.

When requesting a revision, please enter your requested changes into the text field and select Submit. 

The Seller will then be notified and have the ability to submit content again. When they’ve submitted the revised content, you’ll be able to accept it or request additional revisions. 

The order is completed when you have accepted the content by selecting the Accept button. 

After accepting the content, you’ll have the opportunity to rate the Seller. This is completely optional.