Settings - Platform Notifications

The Creator Marketplace® has a variety of notifications that will provide you with important updates on your finances, orders, account settings, listings and casting calls. These notifications can be set up as SMS notifications and email notifications. 

Navigating to Your Notifications

  • Once logged in, click on your avatar at the top of the page and select Settings.
  • From here, click Notifications.

Enabling and Disabling Emails

If you find that you would not like to receive certain notifications, you have the option to opt out of some or all system notifications. If you unsubscribe from all system notification emails, you will still receive the required emails. Required emails are listed as Email Required in red on the platform. Finance and account-related emails can not be turned off.   

  • To disable all notifications, toggle the switch next to Email Notifications.
  • To disable specific notifications, scroll down and uncheck the box next to the specific notifications you wish to disable. 
  • When you are finished, click Submit to save your changes.


Public Visibility Notification

The Public Visibility Notification radio buttons are located under your settings in profile. This function will only be available to you via a paid plan, if you are on a free account, you will not have this option available to you.

  • Hide Profile allows you once signed in to reduce search engine optimization and possibly  prevent your profile from appearing in search engines.
  • Hide Listings once logged in, allows you to reduce search engine optimization and possibly prevent your listings from appearing in search engines.

Notification Types


Account notifications provide you with updates for the main settings of your account. All emails in the Account section are required, with the exception of notifications for unread chat messages.

  • Update User Email Email Required
  • Update User Password Email Required
  • Phone Verification Email Required
  • Unread Messages
  • Forgot Password Email Required
  • Sign Up Email Required
  • Resend Verification Code Email Required


Finance notifications provide you with notifications regarding your payments and PayPal updates. All finance emails are required. 

  • Payment Refunded Email Required
  • Payment Released Email Required
  • Updated PayPal Email Email Required
  • Payment Failed Email Required


Listing emails apply to your listing creation. Listings are reviewed by the marketplace team before they are live on the platform. 

  • Listing Change Requests 
    • Email Required
  • Listing Decision

Casting Call

Casting call emails alert the seller if their pitch has been approved or declined and alert the buyer if a pitch has been submitted. 

  • Casting Call Pitched
  • Casting Call Pitch Decision


Order emails provide you with updates regarding your listings and if they have been purchased, accepted by the seller or they are pending admin review. 

  • Order New 
    • Email Required
  • Order Seller Decision
  • Order Seller Inactive
  • Order Pending Review
  • Order Admin Response/Decision
  • Order Expired

Order Addendums

Order emails provide you with updates on your order contracts. 

  • Order Contract Update Requested
  • Order Contract Update Decision
  • Order Contract Update Reminder

Order Delivery

Order delivery emails provide you with notifications for your orders once the seller has begun creating their content. 

  • Delivery Inbound
  • Delivery Decision
  • Delivery Due Soon
  • Delivery Expired
  • Delivery Reminder

Order Issues

Order issue notifications alert you when an order has been disputed or a cancellation has been requested. 

  • Order Cancellation Request
  • Order Cancellation Decision
  • Order Cancellation Disputed
  • Order Cancellation Resolution by Admin