Searching in Discover

Discover is the single most popular feature in our platforms and with IZEA® Flex we have reimagined the influencer discovery experience. Discover makes it easy for you to find influencers and content all in one place. You can sort and filter based on social connection data, as well as platform  audience demographics. Target based on audience age, gender, income and more.

We have increased the intelligence of BrandGraph® by expanding the amount of BrandGraph brands, categories, and themes we have added to the platform. Our database of influencers will continue to grow in real time with brands contributing their own recommendations to other Flex users.

Navigating Discover

  • Log in to your account and select Discover.
  • You will be taken to the Discover homepage, where you can view trending insights and information.

Discover Landing Page

  • Trending Hashtags - Hashtags that are trending over the last 30 days. 
  • Trending Brands - Posts with the highest engagement rates that mention specific brands.
  • Most Engaged Content this Week - New posts from creators for the 30 days..

    Discover Search Bar

    The Discover search bar allows you to narrow down your search by Keyword, Brand Mention, Theme, Category, Handle Name or any search term.  

      • To start your search, you can choose to enter a keyword, brand mention or creator name - the choice is completely up to you. 

    Pro tip: Easily switch between content and handle based search results using the toggle. 

      • You also have the option to put in multiple keywords, brand mentions, etc. Enter in your search criteria and then select either the And or the Or option next to the search bar.
        • The And option will allow you to include multiple search terms in your search that must all be present in the results. For example: By using the And search option, if you are searching for the keywords coffee and latte, both coffee and latte must be present in search results. 
        • The Or option will allow you to include multiple search terms in your search where at least one term must be present in the results. For example: By using the Or search option, if you are searching for the keywords doughnuts and coffee, either doughnuts or coffee must be present in the search results.

      Filtering Results

      In Discover, we offer more than 20 filters that you can use to narrow your search even further. You can find filters such as audience insights, platform engagement rate, and many more. 

      Pro tip: We do not recommend using more than five filters for each search. This can drastically reduce the search results. 

      Adding Filters

      Once you have selected your result type and keyword, you will be able to filter your results even further using the filtering options. 

      • The filters menu will appear directly under the search bar. The following filters have been added to the filters menu for quick access:
        • Platforms 
        • Followers
        • Audience Gender
        • Audience Interest 
        • Audience Age
      • To view all of the filtering options, select + All Filters.
      • The filters modal will appear, where you can select even more filtering options for your search. 
        • Choose your filtering options and then select See Results
          • You can also reset all of your filters from this modal by selecting Reset Filters