Marketers - Responding To Creator Payment Requests

    In addition to sending payments to creators, you can also receive payment requests from creators. This article will walk you through responding to a creator payment request.

    • Click the Direct Pay tab on the left-hand navigation. 
    • On your Payments Dashboard, you will notice an Outstanding Balance amount. This is your first indication that there are Payments to review. Below that, you will notice a new line item that appears as a Request From Type. Click View to review the details of the Payment.



    • The top portion of the Payment transaction page will show the Creator's account name, location, payment description, and a button to View their Profile. Below that, you will find the payment due date, Transaction ID, as well as the Payment status. Next, you will see the transaction line item(s) as well as any attachments the Creator has provided.



    The following actions can be taken on the Payment: 
    • Deny Request - This will completely cancel the Payment request. We recommend including a reason for denying the Payment request. 
    • Extend Timeframe - This allows you to extend the Payment due date by 24 hours. You can only extend the timeframe once per Payment. 
    • Request Revision - Allows you to request that the Creator make changes to the Payment request. For example, if they have entered an incorrect amount or did not include a receipt you can request that they provide more information.
    • Accept & Pay - This will allow you to associate the payment with a Campaign and accept the payment. 
    • To accept the payment, select the Associated Campaign from the drop-down and click Yes, Accept Payment. Please note if you do not choose a Campaign the funds will be taken from your Available Balance.