Creators & Sellers - Setting Up Your Profile

Your profile is the face of your account in The Creator Marketplace®. The information you provide will be reflected on your creator profile, which is available for all marketers to view. Providing this information will give marketers an idea of who you are and what you talk about on your social media.

Pro tip: Make sure you fill out all this information accurately so that buyers can find you when they are searching.

Navigating to Your Profile

  • Navigate to and select your Avatar at the top of your account > Settings.
  • From here, select Profile

Setting Your Avatar and Header

  • To set your avatar, select the pencil iconand choose the photo on your device. 
  • To upload your header, select Upload Header and then choose the photo from your file uploader on your device. 

Please note: We use face detection to automate cropping. If your image does not contain a face, then it will default to the objects and center the image. 

Updating Your Account Email

When you first create your account, your email will be automatically verified.If you need to update your email you can do so from the Profile section.

Please note: If you update your email, you will need to verify it again. 

  • To update your email, select Update next to the email. 
  • A flyout will appear where you can enter in the new email that you would like to use for your account. 

SMS Notifications

Please note: At this time, SMS notifications are only available to phone numbers originating in the US and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience as we work to expand our SMS reach.

  • To set up SMS notifications, you will need to go to your settings located under your profile icon.
  • Select the SMS radio button, select your country code and add your phone number.

Profile Overview


This is the name that marketers will see when they are searching for your account in the platform.

Pro tip: If your followers know you as an alias or brand name, use that here. Otherwise, we suggest using your full name.

Date of Birth

We use your date of birth to know if you are an adult (18-plus) or a minor. If you are a minor, you may need adult (18+) representation and your account will be tagged with a minor banner.

Writing a short biography allows you to provide detailed information about yourself to buyers. Your biography simply needs context on who you are and what you have done. Below are some great examples of items to include in your biography:

  • First and last name
    • You can also use your online name/alias. 
  • Personal interests 
  • Hobbies
  • Contact information

Important note: We suggest supplying only your business email as your contact information. 

Basic Information


Your country is where you are currently located or reside. This information helps marketers that are looking for creators in a specific area or location. 

  • If you select the United States, you will be asked to include your postal ZIP code as well. 

Spoken Language

The Creator Marketplace is an open platform and we have marketers from all over the world. Some marketers are looking for creators who speak their native language. Adding your spoken language allows marketers to see that you speak other languages and that they can work with you in their native tongue. 

Adding Social Accounts

Adding your social connections allows buyers to view the type of content you create. Any social connections added will be shown on your public profile which give marketers a glimpse into your engagement rate, brands, audience and posts.

Additionally, social connections are used to enrich your listing by automatically including your most popular media elements, generate a description, add your follower count, and estimate a deal price. For more information on adding your social connections, see this article. 

Removing Social Connections

You can remove your social connections from your profile at any time. 

  • Scroll down to the Social Accounts section and select Disconnect next to the social connection you would like to remove.