Influencers - Optimizing Your Account

Now that you have created your account, you will want to fill out all of the demographic information for your profile in the system and your social Connections. Providing this information will give Marketers an idea of who you are and what you talk about on your social connections - this will help them to locate a specific fit for their Campaigns and also help you to stand out! 

Profile Settings:

1. Once logged in, select Settings from the top-right drop-down.



2. By default, upon clicking Settings, you will be sent to the Overview  tab for your profile settings. This page is essentially the face of your account in the system. The information provided here (and all tabs for your Profile Settings) will be available for all Marketers to view.

The Avatar you select here will represent your entire account when Marketers search for Creators in the system. Once you have finished filling this tab out, your information will automatically save in real time. For more details on this tab please visit this article. 



3. After filling out your Overview tab, you will want to navigate to your Basic Info tab. You will see that there is a maximum number of data you can select here. As with your Overview tab, your information will automatically save in real time. For more details on this tab please visit this article. 



4. Next go to your Family  tab. This is a great place for you to tell Marketers a little bit more about yourself. This information can help you to stand out when Marketers are looking for specific demographics for a particular Campaign.



5. Similar to the Basic Info tab, the Topics  tab is a good place to provide Marketers with information about you. When Marketers are searching for Creators to fulfill a Project (for example - a candy company is looking for a creator who posts often about food), they can search in a specific category to find Creators. If you have not supplied that detail, you will not be returned in that search.



6. The Gear tab lets us know if you are capable of creating different kinds of video content. Virtual Reality Content, Aerial Videos, and Underwater Videos are topping the charts and we want you to be able to showcase some of these amazing videos. For more details on the Gear tab, please visit this article. 



Now that you have completed setting up your profile, you will want to add and optimize your social connection channels.


1. To locate your Connections tab, click on your name at the top and then Connections


2. Here you will see listed all of the social media accounts you have connected to the platform. Mousing over a Connection will show a percentage signifying how much information you have filled out so far. To be more visible, we recommend filling out all of your Connections to 100%. To get started, click View Details.



3. Depending on the Connection type, there will be various tabs to select within the Connection, each containing different information to be filled out. All Connections will have a Connection Overview and Target Audience tab, with the exception of Facebook and Instagram which will also have a Promoted Posts tab and Blogs which will also have a Google Analytics tab. Please follow the steps in this article to grant Marketer access for Facebook and this article for Instagram, and please follow the steps in this article to connect your Google Analytics.



4. The Connection Overview tab will contain the following, which we recommend filling out to completion:

  • Asking Price - the amount you are willing to accept for a Direct Offer from a Marketer.
  • Communities - general areas of interest that your Connections focus on. 
  • Tags - keywords that describe your Connections.



5. The Target Audience tab will contain the following, which we recommend filling out to completion:

  • Language - what language you use on your social account.
  • Age - the general age range of your followers. 
  • Income - the general income range of your followers.
  • Gender - the typical gender of your followers.
  • Ethnicity - the typical ethnicity of your followers.



6. When you have finished filling out all of the information for your social Connection, be sure to click Update Details in the lower right hand corner to save the changes. 



7. Repeat the above steps for each of your social Connections. You want to ensure that each of your Connections (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter., etc) has every tab completed and saved. Once you are finished, mousing over a Connection will now show that it is 100% complete.