Influencers - Navigating Your Creator Dashboard

When you first log into your account, you will be taken to your main Dashboard. From here, you will be able to locate your Bids and active Projects, as well as navigate to other pages within the platform. Let's get started!



Available For Bidding

Clicking into this section will bring you to a page, or set of pages, where you can view any Projects that you may be eligible to submit Bids for. If you are interested in working on a Project, you may submit a Bid here for the Marketer to review. For more information on bidding, please visit this article.

Direct Offers

This section will list any Direct Offers that Marketers may send to you. For more information on Direct Offers, please visit this article.

Received Negotiation

If you have an Offer that is in the negotiation process with a Marketer, it will appear in this section. For more information on negotiation, please visit this article.

Tasks Ready For You

Anything that is pending your attention will be in this section. 

Top Items That Need Your Attention

This is your main window screen and it will list any current items that need your attention.

Coming Up This Week

If you have any pending items for the week, they will be listed here.

For details on the Projects tab, please visit Navigating Your Project Dashboard for more information.