Creators & Sellers - Navigating Your Dashboard

When you login to The Creator Marketplace®, you are taken to your My Work page. This page provides many tabs and details about your profile and the things you can do within your account. The tabs are broken down into five groups and they are as follows.


The dashboard is a quick overview of all your tabs and some of the information contained within your profile and listings. They contain things such as Active orders, Active casting calls, and 30 day earnings. You can also find listing views casting calls you may be interested in.

Create a Listing

On the dashboard page, you are able to Create a new Listing by clicking on the Radio button in the upper right hand corner.

  • Choose the type of category your listing falls under.
  • Pick a subcategory for your listing to appear under.
  • Add your Social connection for which you will post your listing to.
  • Give your Listing a title and a description
  • Add your location. Country and zip code.
  • Attach a picture ot examples for a Marketer to reference. 
  • Specify a due by date and the amount of content you will deliver
  • Once finished, your listing will be reviewed before being posted and ready for a Buyer to purchase on the Marketplace.


On the Listings tab you can view all your Active Listings that are currently posted in the Marketplace for sale. If you have not already created a Listing, you can click the Create Listing button. By clicking Create Listing it will take you right into the creation process to create a new listing in the marketplace. 

Quick links to your items can be found by clicking on the tile for one of the following:

  • Active Orders is an order that has been submitted and is in process.
  • Active Pitches are able to be viewed from your dashboard
  • 30 day Earnings are available on your dashboard so you are able to see the amount of listings sold


Here you will find all your Pitched Casting Calls and their status in the Marketplace. You are able to select any of your pitches to see their status as well as any project briefs or associated links.

Current Orders

Any Listings or Pitches that have been purchased by the buyer. You will be able to see what steps and requirements are listed, Project Briefs and any associated links.

Page Views

This would be a combination of any public page. So this would be Public Profile and Public Listings.

Curated Casting Call

These are Casting Calls that you may be interested in, they are recommendations for you. You can find them at the bottom of your Dashboard. You can expand those Casting Calls to see if there are any 


The Social tab will allow you to see the Social Connections you have made within the platform. Giving you insight on your Demographics, Analytics, Audience Demographics as well as Average age. 

Adding your social connections allows buyers to view the type of content you create. Any social connections added will be shown on your public profile which give marketers a glimpse into your engagement rate, brands, audience and posts.

Additionally, social connections are used to enrich your listing by automatically including your most popular media elements, generate a description, add your follower count, and estimate a deal price. For more information on adding your social connections, see this article.