Marketers - Granting Collaboration Suite Access

Applies to: IZEAx Standard as well as Enterprise Customers.

Collaboration Suite allows you to give your clients or partners access to your campaigns. You are able to choose from four different levels of access, which can be edited at anytime. 

Please note: Financial information is not visible to Collaboration Suite Users. 

  • From your campaign dashboard select Collaboration Access.
  • Next, select Invite Collaborator. A flyout will appear where you will need to enter in the name and email of the user that you would like to grant access to your campaigns.
  • You will then have the option to choose what level(s) of access the user will be given.
  • Once you have selected your level of access and entered the users information, select Invite Collaborator. The user will then send an invitation to invite user(s) to collaboration access.