Marketers - Collaboration Suite: Sending Content to Reviewers

Applies to: IZEAx Unity Suite Standard, and Enterprise customers.

With Collaboration Suite you will be able to give your reviewers the opportunity to review draft content submitted by your influencers. They will be able to download the content, make their edits, and re-upload their annotated content for you to send back to the influencers directly in the system. 

Pro tip: We suggest making sure that you have granted your reviewers access to your campaign before beginning the review process. 

  • Navigate to your Unity Workflow dashboard, click into your campaign > Project Draft Review tab.
  • From within the draft review tab, click the name of the unit in the left column. 
  • Once on the draft review page, you will see three options on the right-hand side: Approve draft, Request a Revision, and Submit to Collaborators.
  • Select, Submit to Collaborators
  • From here, you will have the option to suggest a deadline for the draft to be reviewed. Choose the date you would like and the select, Yes, Submit Draft
  • After the draft has been submitted, you will see a menu appear on the right hand side of your screen. This menu will showcase who has access to the draft, viewed the draft, approved the draft and added comments to the draft. You can also remove or edit the deadline from this menu.