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Influencers - Adding Your Facebook Page To The Platform

In order to post to any of your Facebook Pages, you will have to connect the Facebook account with administrative access to the Facebook Page in the platform. This is because of the administrative hierarchy Facebook has implemented for Facebook Pages. We do not post any content on your Personal Facebook page once it has been connected in the platform. 
You will also need to have access to the Facebook Branded Content tool. This tool will allow you to share sponsored content on your Facebook page and tag the brand in your post. You can request access for the Branded Content Tool here
  • Once logged into your account click on your avatar at the top and select Connections.
  • From here you will be taken to your Connections dashboard. Click on Add Connection. If you already have a Connection added you will need to click on Add Connection in the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard.
  • On the flyout, choose the Connection you would like to add. For the purpose of this article we will select, Add Facebook.
  • In order to connect your Facebook Pages, you will need to connect your Personal Facebook Page. Click through the provided prompts to connect your Personal Facebook Page. 

Please note: We do not post any content on your Personal Facebook page once it has been connected in the platform.

  • Once your Personal Facebook Page has been connected, you will be prompted to connect your Facebook page(s). To connect your Facebook Page(s), select Connect next to the page you would like to add. When connecting your pages, please note that the platform will only display the first 25 pages you have attached to your Personal Facebook account.
  • After you have connected your Facebook Page(s), you will need to fill out all of your Connection's information. Filling out the Asking Price, Communities, Tags and Target Audience will help Marketers locate your Connection for their Campaigns. As you fill out this information the Connection Completion percentage will increase. Your connection will only be 100% complete If you filled out all of the information on all three tabs.
  • Once you have added all of your details on the Connection Overview and Target Audience tabs, select Next.  
  • On the final tab you will have the option to grant Promoted Post access for your Connection. Promoted Posts are only Available for Instagram and Facebook. You do not have to do this at this time however and may click Done to complete your connection.