Marketers - How Can I Access A Celebrity To Create Content?

    IZEA has a robust family of celebrity content creators ranging from television and film actors to reality tv stars, athletes and musicians. The best practice for engaging a celebrity creator is to do so through your account representative, as many factors are considered when aligning a celebrity to a campaign. Your account representative can also assist in exploring additional options, should the celebrity creator be unavailable.

    • Celebrities can be found using the Search feature on the left hand side of the dashboard.
    • You can then search for a specific celebrity by name or by keyword. 
    • Your search results will be displayed below the Keyword search bar.
    • Once you have found a celebrity you would like to make an offer to, you can view their profile and then make a Direct Offer to their account. Please note that you must have enough funds to cover the cost of the offer in your account before you can extend a direct offer.