Marketers - Full Profiles: Publicly Discovered Influencers

Using VizSearch, our content search tool that aggregates live social media content from both On-Platform Influencers and publicly Discovered Influencers, you are able to view their Full Profiles to see a wealth of information that will help you determine if they are a good fit for your campaign. Similar information will be provided in a Creator's Flyout Profiles, but Full Profiles provides more in-depth information. It will also open in a new tab so you can view them later, or navigate between them and your search results. This article will walk you through navigating Full Profiles for Discovered Influencers. 

Finding Full Profiles

To find the Full Profiles for a Discovered Creator in VizSearch, click the name of the Creator to see their Flyout Profile, and then click on View Full Profile at the top right. This will open the Profile in a new browser tab.




The first tab in Full Profiles gives you an overview of the Creator's Instagram Account and will list some helpful metrics. If you are unsure what a particular metric means, simply hover your cursor over the question mark symbol to view a tool tip that will provide you with more detail. This section includes data about their Recent Content, Most Engaged Content, some Audience Insights,  as well as their top Brand Mentions. 




The Insights tab will provide analytics for the Creator's Instagram account over the past year, including a comparison of data from the previous year. Analytics includes Followers, Sponsored %, Engagement Rate by Followers, Number of Posts, and separates content by both Organic and Sponsored. You can adjust the time interval by using the drop down at the top right.



For a deeper look into the Audience of the Discovered Creator, scrolling down will provide Engagement Insights. This data is meant to provide you a look into the types of content the Creator posts about, what Hashtags or Mentions they have used in the last 90 days, as well as what Brands or Themes they talk about. Audience Gender and Age are also listed for consideration. 




This tab provides an overview of recently posted content from the Discovered Creator, and can be filtered using the drop down at the right by Newest, Oldest, or Most Engaged. You can also quickly identify a Sponsored post from the Sponsored tag. 




The BrandGraph tab uses our proprietary software to identify which Brands this Creator has posted about, and provides you with a summary of their top mentions over the past year. You can use the Search box to look for additional Brand mentions, and use the filters at the top to adjust the date range of your results.



You can also sort the results using various data points, such as Most Posts, Highest Sponsored %, Highest Engagement, or Alphabetical.  



Clicking on any of the Brands will give you additional insights for that Brand, including Number of Posts, Engagement Rate by Followers, and percentage of Sponsored posts.



Brand Selector

Once you have set your Brand using the Brand Selector at the top right, you'll then be able to see any posts the Creator has published mentioning your Brand, as well as your Competitors. 



Your Brand

This tab will show insights into the posts that the Creator has mentioned your Brand, including Post Sentiment, Number of Posts, the Sponsored %, as well as Engagement Rate by Followers. Use the drop down menu to adjust the Date range. 



Competitor Mentions

This tab will give show you the posts that the Creator mentions your Competitors.


This tab gives you an overview of the different Categories that the Creator mentions the most. This is useful when trying to identify if a Creator is a good fit for your Brand category.  




This tab gives an overview of the different Themes the Creator mentions the most. This is useful when trying to identify if a Creator is a good fit for the overall theme of your campaign.