FormAI Text - Rewrite

Use Rewrite for a quick and easy way to take an existing piece of content and transform it into a different format. For instance, you could take a long blog article and condense it down into a tweet.

Text Options

When generating a Social Post using AI, the Text Options are important settings that will largely influence the results you get and how many credits you use. 


Under Text Options you will want to choose which platform you want to generate a post for, the quantity of post you would generated, the language and pronouns used for overall post.

When selecting a platform there are number of social media formats that are available, namely Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.These options will return text of an appropriate length for that platform (i.e. selecting Tweet will only return 280 characters).

  • For YouTube and Twitch, you will receive a 1-2 paragraph description, suitable for posting with a video.
  • Blog will return several paragraphs based on your responses.
  • Custom will allow you to specify how many characters, sentences, or paragraphs you would like returned. 

Please note: When selecting your platform, the system will automatically return text of an appropriate length for that platform (i.e. selecting Twitter will only return a tweet of 280 characters).


Quantity determines how many of the type of post you selected will be generated by the AI. This is useful if you would like a number of options to choose from.

Please note: The length of the post multiplied by the quantity will determine the amount of credits needed to generate. 

Point of View 

An important factor in writing is the Point of View the post is written in. You can select whichever you feel is appropriate.

  • First Person is the most common and the default. First Person will use the pronouns I, me, and my to make the post sound like it is coming from the person writing it.
  • Second Person uses the pronouns you and your as if the post is speaking to the person reading it.
  • Third Person makes use of the pronouns she/he, her/him, or they/them and will read as though a narrator is observing the people and events in the post. 


Selecting a Language will write the post in the language specified.

Writing Style 

Writing Style includes a number of sections that will greatly influence how the results sound.

Writing Approach 
In the Writing Approach sections there are various options that shape the overall impact of the results. It can influence the reader's engagement, interpretation and appreciation of the text.

  • Tone is the attitude conveyed by the text. It sets the overall mood and shapes the reader's perception and emotional response.
  • Style is the distinctive manner in which the text will be generated, encompassing choices in vocabulary, sentence structure, and literary techniques.
  • Genre relates to the characteristics, themes, and conventions used in the generated text. It should help guide the reader's expectations in terms of structure and subject matter.
  • Choosing a Rhetoric will enhance the effectiveness and impact of the generated text. Options include figures of speech and persuasive strategies to make the text memorable and engaging.
    • You can even have the AI include Emoji and Hashtags that relate to the content it generates.

Writer Persona

The Writer Persona section provides options that impact the level of authenticity and relatability perceived by people reading the content.

  • The Age of the "writer" (or simulated by the AI) can influence the themes, complexity, and style of the content. Younger ages may sound fresh but immature, while older ages can imbue a sense of wisdom and maturity.
  • Gender may affect the themes the writing explores and the narrative choices made, reflecting unique insights and cultural influences of the selected gender identity.
  • Similar to Age, Intellect should affect the complexity and style of the content as it relates mostly to the level of education the AI is emulating.
  • The simulated Emotional State of the writing can infuse the content with depth, passion, and authenticity. Choice of words, tone, and imagery may all be influenced.
  • Occupation can provide the content with subject matter expertise and unique insights related to the selected profession. This can give a particular spin and quality to the resulting text.


When writing any content, it's good to have an idea of what you would like to accomplish. Using the Goals section, you can have the AI help you achieve just that.

You can select both a Primary and Secondary goal.  While some of them are more business-focused, a number of the goals can help influence the reader in some way, or to take action after reading your content.

Generating Your Rewrite

Once you have filled out all of the modifiers for your prompt, select Generate. The copy for your post will be crafted by the AI and presented to you in the chat box. If you would like another version of the copy, select Regenerate