FormAI Prompt Builder

An AI Prompt is any form of text, question, or information that communicates to an AI the type of image you are looking to have created. A good prompt will be detailed, concise and provide the AI with the exact parameters to generate your desired images. The Creator Marketplace® provides you with a quick and easy way to create these prompts. 

  • To start you prompt, you will first need to enter in a brief description of the main item you would like to see in your generated images. 

  • Next, you will need to set your Model Options. After you have entered in your description and set your Model Options, navigate to the right-hand side of your screen to the Prompt Builder and Modifiers.


Modifiers are words that can change the style or perspective of the generated image. Below you will find examples of each of the modifiers provided in the marketplace to help you generate your prompts. You can select the drop down under each modifier to choose which option you would like included in your prompt. 


Camera allows you to dictate which type of camera your image was rendered from. You can choose from multiple camera types, lenses, apertures and framing on the marketplace to generate your images. 


Hardware includes a variety of physical cameras. Selecting one of these can drastically affect you image results, such as giving them a professional look using. DSLR, or adding an air of nostalgia using Instant Camera.


Selecting Lens can flatten or distort your images and subjects in interesting ways, just as they do in real life. 


Aperture affects the focus of your images and can produce extremely sharp to blurry, dream-like results.  


Framing can influence the angle and/or how much of the subject you are rendering is shown.

  • Example Camera Prompt: Close-up photo of a realistic husky, outdoors, 35mm, DSLR, soft focus, portrait

Art Style

Art Style allows you to choose which type of artistic style your image will be generated in. You have the option to choose two different art styles for the same prompt. For example, you can have a surrealistic, pop art image generated. Once you have chosen your art styles, you can choose from different perspectives, mediums and substrates. 

Primary and Secondary Style 

Both Primary Style and Secondary Style include popular art periods and movements that can strongly influence the overall design of your images. 


Perspective can give, or take away, depth in your images.


Medium will make your images look like they were made of a certain material. Think drawings in marker or pen, paintings in watercolor or acrylic, or sculptures made of clay or wood.


Substrate applies mostly to paintings and drawings - it's the material the medium is applied on. Think painting on canvas, graffiti on brick, or even dye on fabric.  

Pro tip: Picking two vastly different styles can typically produce interesting, unique results!

  • Example Art Style Prompt: Cute cat toy, standing, pop art, 3D, clay, ceramic


Artist allows you to choose which artist you would like your imaged styled after. Due to copyright reasons, we can not include modern day artists, but you are able to add your own. Think of unique digital* creators, directors that have a particular style, or inventive film studios and add these for even more variety.


To keep things organized, since there are quite literally thousands of artists the AI can reproduce, the first dropdown is the Genre of artist. Painter, Photographer, Sculptor, etc.


After selecting a specific genre, you can select (or add) a Style of artist to emulate.

Pro tip: Mixing an artist with a art period or medium they're not known for is a great way to get fun, expected results. What would pop art by Da Vinci look like? A paper sculpture by Picasso? Pixel art by Michelangelo?

  • Example Artist Prompt: Realistic flower garden, painter, Claude Monet


Scene allows you to choose the overall feeling of your image. You can choose the palette, lighting, aesthetic, emotion, atmosphere and background of your images. 


Palette includes a wide variety of color themes - from dull and muted to vibrant and multihued - that can greatly influence the tone of your images.


Lighting is an important factor in the feel of images and can make your results dark and gloomy or bright and happy.


Aesthetic is actually a broad, intangible term that can affect both the colors and mood of your images. The options here are fun to experiment with!


Emotion is another intangible term that should affect how your image "feels" or how people respond to your images.


Atmosphere imbues your images with elements from the weather. Is your scene sunny? Cold? Rainy? Foggy?


Adding a Background is great when you have a clearly defined subject but want to experiment with isolating the subject in a solid color, or putting it in an unexpected environment like the mountains, or a beach.

  • Example Scene Prompt: arboretum, bright, bloom, extremely detailed, calm, sunny, sunset


Technical allows you to set how your image is rendered. 


Resolution is a common term used in TVs and monitors to define sharpness or the appearance of pixels. You can choose from ultra-sharp 8K all the way down to low-res 8-bit.


Renderer is commonly used to refer to how objects and environments are "drawn" in software or video games. You can affect the overall look of your results from photorealistic to line-drawn.


Website refers to portfolio sites on the internet the AI can use as a reference. We've generalized them here to the overall themes of some of the most popular sites.

Combining AI Modifiers

Combining AI modifiers will provide you with a detailed, beautifully generated image. Them more detail you add to your prompt the better your generated image will be. 

  • Example Combined AI Modifier Prompt: Very detailed female, fantasy, plants in the background, with purple realistic flowers, beautiful face, cinematic, 2D, bright, extremely detailed, warm, sunset, empowered, bright, HD, photorealistic

That was a lot to cover! Keep in mind this is a small (but effective) set of options. If you want to try something you do not see in the drop downs, add it to your prompt. The fun part of AI is experimenting with different keywords and combinations.

Generating Your Images

Once you have filled out all of the modifiers for your prompt, select Generate. Your images will be crafted by the AI and presented to you in the box provided. If you would like another version of the copy, select Regenerate