FormAI Credits

In the Creator Marketplace® FormAI provides you with the ability to create and generate AI images, social posts, emails and even product reviews. These AI generated items are powered by credits in your account. 


The amount of credits you have available in your account are based on your plan level. You will receive tokens with your membership to be used monthly. If you do not use all of your credits before your next plan billing they will not roll over. At the beginning of your next billing period your credits will reset. 

  • Free - 250
  • Creator Pro - 5,000
  • Creator AI - 15,000
  • Creator AI+ - 35,000
  • Marketer Pro - 60,000

If you use all of your credits before your credits reset, you can update to the next plan level available. 

Using Credits

The amount of credits you use are determined by the modifiers and prompts you use when generating your AI items. Different items have a set amount of credits that will be used. Once Social Post, for example, will cost you a total of 10 credits. 

Please note: Quantity will change the amount of credits needed to generate. 

  • Image Cost - 5 (per 6 images)
  • Social Post Cost - 10 
  • Other Text Cost - 25

When you generate your AI items you can see the total number of credits that you will use at the bottom of your account. 


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