Flex Dynamic Content Requests

Imagine the convenience of sending a link to your creators, allowing them to upload their content directly to your campaign. This is the power of Dynamic Content Requests. With the ability to create customized forms for each campaign, you can ensure that creators are adding their content accurately. Furthermore, you can select associations to be automatically added to each piece of content uploaded.

The beauty of Dynamic Content Requests is that it eliminates the need to manually add each piece of content to your campaigns in Flex. It's an efficiency booster, a time-saver, and a game-changer. This innovative feature empowers your team, creating a more streamlined, productive workflow. The pain point of manual content addition is a thing of the past.

Creating A Content Request

Content Requests are located in the Campaigns module of Flex. From the Content dashboard, you are able to manually upload content or request content.  

  • To request content, select your Campaign and then the Content option. 
  • From here select + Add Content > Request Content.
  • A modal will appear where you can start to create your content request form. Each form will be pre-filled with information from the campaign associated with the content request form.
    • Forms can be reused in the future if needed.

Form Details

Under the Form Details, you can include a title, description of the form, collaboration type and upload any files to the content.  All information that is added under the form details will be shown to the creator. 

There are two different collaboration types that you can choose from depending on the type of content submitted by your creators.

  • Sponsored Social: Invite paid creators to submit content via email invitation or custom short links that can be distributed via social media DM or other means. The system prompts influencers to upload their content, automatically associating it with the proper campaign, handle, and contact record within Flex.
    • Sponsored Social content licenses are dependent upon the agreements made between the marketer and the creator before content is created. All content, however, must adhere to all FTC requirements and also be original work created by the creator.
  • Organic Content: Publicly distribute a content request on your website or social feed for broader solicitation of organic content. Submissions through the system grant marketers a usage license, allowing the marketer to republish the content on their own social media handles, so long as they credit the creator. Those who submit content via an organic content request automatically become a Flex contact, giving them a direct relationship with the brand for future sponsorship opportunities. 
    • Organic content comes with a Limited License. Limited license content is content that has been produced by a creator or influencer (Instagram influencers, bloggers, etc.) which lives on social media platforms. The creators grant brands a non‒exclusive perpetual license to the content in all forms of media. Brands will be required to credit the creator when sharing the content or using it in any form of media. Brands do not own this content.

Pro tip: When requesting content, make sure to give your creators a naming convention for their content. This will help you ensure that all of their content has been submitted and  make it easier for you to separate one creator's content from another.

Add Submitted Content To

This section allows you to choose which campaign, content collections, and tags you would like associated with the content once it is uploaded. 

Please note: Campaigns, content collections, and tags must be created before you can select them in your submitted content dropdown. 

Once you have filled out the form details and added your association specifications select, Continue

Send Form via Email

After your form has been created, you will be able to invite creators to upload their content using your form. Flex will email each recipient with a unique link to the form to associate the submitted content to the contact.

Share Form via Link

If you choose, you can also copy a link to your form to send to creators that you may not have an email address for in Flex. Creators will be able to access this link and submit their content directly to your campaign. 

Important note: Please note that if you use the link option, the creators will not appear on your form as having been sent the link.

Viewing Your Form And Submitted Content

After your form has been sent to creators, you are able to view your form details under the Forms tab. This can be found by selecting CRM > Forms