Flex Copilot

Applies to: Power plan only.

Flex Copilot provides an all-new portal for brands and agencies to manage and share influencer marketing programs with stakeholders. It allows Flex administrators to give clients and partners a window into their influencer programs without exposing their full Flex dataset and influencer relationships.

Flex Copilot Modules

A customized view of campaigns that provides Copilot users with a limited view of performance metrics and creator relationships.

An AI-powered tool that helps marketers find, organize and measure content. ContentMine regularly refreshes social media metrics, eliminating the need to update engagement data in spreadsheets manually. 

A centralized cloud storage for documents, videos, presentations, audio and images related to a given influencer marketing campaign.

AI Tools
A trio of AI tools designed to help marketers ideate and implement influencer marketing campaigns faster. Copilot includes AI Storyboards for generative images, as well as AI Briefs and AI Brainstorm, powered by ChatGPT.