Marketers - Searching for Influencers

Discover makes it easy for you to find influencers and content all in one place. The personalized landing page allows you to focus your search using your brand. With Discover, you can be as granular with your search criteria as you see fit. Unsure where to begin? Let's get started.

Table of Contents

Navigating Discover

Filtering Results

Saving A Search


Navigating Discover

  • Log in to your account from a desktop or laptop computer and click Discover from the left side navigation.
  • You will be taken to the Discover homepage, where you can view insights and information about your selected brand.

Please note: You will need to set your brand before you will be able to view the following:

  • Top Connections
  • Insights
  • Top Posts By Engagement Rate
  • Most Engaged Content Mentioning Your Competitors

Discover Landing Page

  • Top Connections - a breakdown of the top performing social media connections that mention your brand.
    • Top connections is sorted by the highest number of followers.  
    • For a quick search to view connections mentioning with your selected brand, select See All Connections
  • Insights - trends of your brands sentiment, engagement rates and number of posts that mention your brand. 

Please note: Insights on the Discover landing page are based on the last 30 days' worth of data. 

  • To execute an insights search with your selected brand, select See All Insights.
    • The insights section is based on the last 1 year worth of data. Here, you will see number of posts, sentiment, and engagement rate. 
  • Top Posts By Engagement Rate - posts with the highest engagement rates that mention your brand. 
    • To execute a content search with your selected brand, select See All Posts. 
  • Most Engaged Content Mentioning Your Competitors - top posts from influencers who have mentioned your competitors. 
    • To execute a content search with your selected brand, select See the last 2 years Posts.

      Discover Search Bar

      Note: The search bar will default to the last search type that you performed. For example, if you used the content search last you will see content appear instead of All Results.

      The Discover search bar allows you to select how you want your search results to appear and then allows you to narrow down your search by brand, category, brand class, industry and themes. You can also kick off a search with your competitors, hashtags, or keyword.

        • To start your search, click the search type drop-down Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.12.34 PM to specify how you would like to view your results. 
          • You can choose to filter your search results by creators, content, or insights. The insights result type gives you another way to explore (hashtag, brand, keyword, etc.). If you choose all results, you will see a combination of all three.  
          • From here you can choose to enter either a keyword, competitor or hashtag. You can also choose to use the shortcut options of "My Brand" or "My Competitor."  
        • When performing a "my competitors" search, you will see the list of your competitors at the top of the page.
          • If you do not see one of your known competitors, you will be able to request to add your competitors from this page.

          Pro Tip: Using the creator option will allow you to search for specific influencers in the platform by name or social connection. 

            • After you have selected your results filter you will be able to search by a keyword, hashtag, creator name and many more. 

          Filtering Results

          In Discover, we offer more than 20 filters that you can use to narrow your search even further. You can find new filters such as audience insights, platform engagement rate, and many more. 

          Pro tip: We do not recommend using more than five filters for each search. This can drastically reduce the search results. 

          Adding Filters

          Once you have selected your result type and keyword you will be able to filter your results ever further using the filtering options. 

          Pro tip: If you would like to see if you can receive impressions from a creator's Instagram select the Instagram Account Type filter. Creators with business accounts will have impression reporting. 

          • The filters menu will appear on the left-hand side of your screen. You will be able to choose from the following categories:
            • Most Popular 
            • Content Filters  
            • Creator Filters
            • Connection Filters
            • Audience Filters
          • The green badge lets you know that this information is applicable to in-platform creators only. 

          Note: If the creator has not provided this information, they will not appear in your search results. 

          • To select a filter, click on the filter name. The filtering options will then appear. You can choose one or multiple filtering options.
            • Any, all, or none will allow you to get even more detailed in your filtering options and results.
              • Any - Creators must match any of the selected filtering options to appear in your search results. 
              • All - Creators must match all of the selected filtering options to appear in your search results.
              • None - Creators must not have any of the selected filtering options to appear in your search results.  
          • If you are finished adding filters, then select Apply & View Active Filters.
          • If you would like to add another filtering option select Apply & Add Another Filter
            • If you choose to apply and add another filter, you will be taken back to the filtering options. 
            • You can view the filters you have already chosen by selecting View Active Filters

          Note: Once a filter is added, you will not be able to edit the criteria for that specific filtering option. You will need to clear it and start again. 

          Filter Groups

          Pro tip: When creating your filter groups, you will want to make sure that your filtering options in each group do not contradict each other.

          For example, seleting a filter that applies to discovered creators only and a filter that applies to in-platform creators only in the same group will effect your search results.

          When filtering, you are able to create filtering groups. Filtering groups allow you to search by more than one filtering set at a time. 

          • After you have created your first filtering set, you will be able to add a new group. To do this select, Add New Group
          • The filtering options will then appear. You can choose one or multiple filtering options.

          Saving A Search

          At any time during your search process you can save your search for later use.

          • Click Create Saved Search.
          • A pop-up will appear where you can name your search. Once you have named your search, click Create Saved Search.
          • When you navigate back to the Discover homepage, your saved search will appear under the Continue Your Search > Saved Searches section where you can easily access it.
          • You can manage your saved searches by selecting Manage Saved Searches.
            • To delete a search select the icon.