Marketers - Finding On-Platform Influencers

Unity Search makes it easy for you to find Influencers who have signed up and created a full account in the system. With Unity Search's Creator Discovery, you can be as granular with your search criteria as you see fit. Unsure where to begin? Let's get started!

Navigating Unity Search

1. Log in to your Account from a desktop or laptop computer browser and click Unity Search from the left side navigation.

2. You will be taken to the Unity Search homepage, where you will notice several search categories to choose from, in addition to search filters you can choose from at the top. Keyword search also includes boolean operators, to help you narrow your search criteria. 



3. By clicking + All Filters, you will see all available search filter options. You can select as many or as few filters as you would like. We recommend playing around with different filter and keyword groupings as you begin navigating Unity Search.



4. To start a keyword search, simply type your desired keyword (or set of keywords using boolean operators) and hit Enter, or click Search.



Filter Tips

1. When searching by Location, wait for the location you type in to populate, and then simply click it to select it and see search results begin to populate. 



2. When searching by Connection (social media profile type), you can select as many or as few as you would like. After you type in the follower range you desire, simply hit Enter to see search results begin to populate.



3. When searching by Age, simply hit Enter after typing in your desired age range to see search results begin to populate.



4. When filtering, as you begin to select additional filter options, they will autosave to your search, turning blue at the top.



5. You can edit or remove filters at any time during your search process. To edit a filter, simply click on it's name to make your edits. To remove a filter, hover your mouse in the upper right corner of the blue box of the filter and then click on the "X" that appears. If you wish to remove all filters, simply click the red Clear Filters option on the right hand side.



6. After your search results populate, you can sort how you view them.



7. And you can also select how many results you would like to view per page.



Saving A Search

1. At any time during your search process, you can save your search for later use. To do this, simply click Save Search.



2. After that, a fly-out will appear on the right, where you can name your search. Once you have named your search, click Save.



3. When you navigate back to the Unity Search homepage later, you will see your Saved Search appear on the right hand side where you can easily access it.



4. Your subscription level will determine if you can do even more with a saved search! If you have a Unity Suite subscription and are planning to launch an Open Bidding Project in the system, you can use your Saved Search as a Targeting Set, so that only the specific type of targeted Influencers who fall within your Saved Search will be able to see and bid on your Project in the system. You will see the option to use a Targeting set when you are setting up your Project or editing it within the system. 



5. If you decide that you would like to delete your Saved Search, simply click Previous Searches on the top right of the Unity Search homepage, and from there you can click the trashcan icon to delete your Saved Search.