Influencers - Failed Verification Notice, What Do I Do?

    If you have received a Failed Verification notice or have not received payment by your expected payout date, there could be a few things going on. In the system, 45 days after your post has been marked as published within the system, we programmatically verify that your post is still live, contains all of the required elements, contains the mandatory disclosure, and that the social platform you posted on is still actively connected to the system. Any changes to the draft that was approved by the Marketer inside the system will cause verification to fail, which will in turn delay payment releasing at the 45 day mark. 

    If your post(s) have failed verification, the first thing you will want to do will be to check your Offer in the system. 

    1. Navigate to your avatar, click the dropdown, and select Finance.



    2. From your Finance page, locate the Offer that is Awaiting Verification and has passed the estimated payout date. Click on the name of the Offer. In the below example the name of the Offer is Travel To AZ 2020



    3. From your Offer, click the dropdown arrow to the right of the ratio of completed tasks to expand your posts. 



    4. The post(s) that have failed verification will be labeled as Pending Manual Verification. Click the three dots to the right of the post(s) and then click View Content.


    5. From this page, you will see a message notifying you of the reason your post failed verification. Once identified, you can take action to make the needed changes and then you can click Verify Again



    6. Alternatively, you can wait for the Marketer to review your post and they will either approve it as is to pass verification, request that you make needed changes, or confirm that it should remain failed.

    What Causes Posts To Fail Verification?

    Changes that can cause your post(s) to fail verification can include but are not limited to:

    • Posts that have been deleted.

    • Disconnected social media connections. 

      • Please navigate to your Connections page to ensure your connections are still active.

    • Extra or less images than what was approved in the system.

    • Changes to the approved image(s) (filters, cropping, etc.).

    • Changes to the approved draft (spaces, paragraphs, bullets, re-wording, re-arranged wording etc.).

      • Different disclosure than what was approved in the system.

      • Changes to required hashtags, mentions, or links from what was approved in the system (this includes letter casing)

      • Added emojis.

    • Changes approved by the Marketer off platform (via email for example). 

      • Any changes must be reflected in the system or the post will fail verification (using revisions or renegotiation within the system with the Marketer will be the best way to accomplish this)

    If your post has failed verification, you will receive an email notification and the Marketer will also be alerted. It will be up to the Marketer to manually verify your post, if they would like to approve it as is. Release of payment to your account balance occurs after all posts within an Offer have passed verification at the 45 day mark. 

    For additional information on verifications, please visit What Does Verification Mean.

    If you are still having difficulty after that, please review the following tips:

    Blog Post

    • Required links, photos, and disclosures must be present in order to pass verification. To avoid verification issues please refrain from editing your post after it has been approved by the Marketer.


    • Once your post is live, do not delete or edit it before it has been verified or you will not be eligible for payment.


    • Once your tweet is live, do not delete it before it has been verified or you will not be eligible for payment.
    • Any third party Twitter application that deletes a tweet and then posts it again with a new link will affect any tweets published by the platform and cause the tweet to fail verification. These tweets will not be eligible for payment as the platform will not be able to track their performance. Applications such as LinkIs have been known to cause these issues. Please make sure you have these applications disabled before participating in a Campaign. 


    • Please refrain from adding any additional filters to your Instagram post image(s) as this can also cause your post to fail verification. If you would like to use a filter, make sure you submit the picture with the filter in your initial draft to the Marketer for approval.
    • Please refrain from adding any additional emojis to your Instagram post as this can also cause your post to fail verification. If you would like to use emojis please make sure you submit your initial draft with the emojis to the Marketer for approval in the system.

    If you require additional assistance, please reach out to our team here.