Marketers - Dependent vs. Independent Units

After you have added more than one Unit to a Deliverable in your Project, you will be able to either leave all Units as independent of each other (which is how they are added by default) or you will be able to add specific dependencies to Units.

What is the difference between Independent and Dependent Units?

Independent Units can be published by Creators at any time after Draft Approval once the set Publishing Date rolls around for them. They do not require that a certain post be published first prior to publishing any other posts. When you add Units to a Deliverable, they are added as independent of each other by default. 

Dependent Units will require that the Creator first publishes the main "parent" Unit, and then they will be able to Publish the Unit that is Dependent upon it. Dependent Units also require the Creator to link back to the main "parent" Unit within the body of their post for the Dependent Unit. An example for using a Dependent Unit would be if you would like Creators to first publish a blog post (main parent Unit) and after that publish a Tweet (Dependent Unit) that gives a brief description of the blog post and also links out to it. 

How to create Dependent Units

From within your Deliverable, click the three dots to the right of the Unit you wish to make Dependent and click Make Dependent.



A pop-up window will appear where you can select which Unit you would like your Dependent Unit to depend upon (ie: the main "parent" Unit). Once selected, click Make Dependent



You will then be taken back to your Deliverable where you can see your Unit Dependencies. In the below example, Creators will not be able to publish Instagram Story Frame #1 until they first publish Instagram Post #1. 



Alternatively, you can create a new Dependent Unit by selecting the three dots to the right of the Unit which you would like to be the main Unit and clicking Add Dependent Unit.



From there you will be taken to the flow for adding a new Unit and once you have finished, you will see your new Dependent Unit nested under the main Unit.



If you find that you would like to change a Dependent Unit to instead be Independent, you can select the three dots to the right of it and click Make Independent.



You will be prompted to confirm the change. If you move forward, the link back to the main Unit that was required for this Dependent Unit post will be removed. To remove dependency and link back, click Make Independent.



Once you have confirmed the change, you will see that the Unit is no longer dependent upon the main Unit.