Creators & Sellers - Submitting Pitches

In The Creator Marketplace® you can submit pitches to marketers for their casting calls. There are three types of casting calls that are available for you to pitch: 

  • Influencer marketing: Create various social media deliverables and post them on the corresponding social platform. 
  • Work for hire: Produce and deliver various assets to be used based on the licensing requested. 
  • Job listing: Either long-term or short-term positions marketers want to fill.

Please note: You are only able to submit one pitch per casting call. Once submitted, pitches can not be edited.

Getting Started

Casting calls can be found on the Marketplace tab in your account. You can view the various casting calls by navigating to the All Casting Calls section or using the filters provided at the top to narrow down your search. To view the details of the casting call, click on the casting call tile.

When viewing a casting call, you can view key pieces of information before deciding if you would like to submit your pitch. Platform to be used, compensation and due by date, files, links and any information requests can all be found inside the casting call. You can also view similar casting calls that you may be interested in.

  • Once you have decided on a casting call, select I'd like to Submit a Pitch.

Delivering your Pitch

When creating your pitch, you will first need to choose how you would like to deliver your pitch to the marketer. 

  • Recorded Video: Pitch using your webcam and create a short video for the marketer. 
  • Upload Video: Upload a pre-recorded video of your pitch. 
  • Write Text: Provide the marketer with a written reason why you think you would be a great fit. 

Pro tip:  When recording a video, ensure that you have given permission to your webcam and selected the appropriate video quality. 

Buyer Questions

After you have selected your pitch delivery, the marketer may have some questions that they would like for you to answer. These questions can be required and help the marketer decide if you are a good fit for their needs. 


Next, you will need to add your desired payment amount. This is your chance to tell the marketer how much your expertise is worth. 

Social Connections

If you are pitching for an Influencer Marketing casting call, you will need to add your social connection. If you have already added your social connection(s), they will appear at this step. You can choose which social connections you want to use for this casting call.

Contact Information

If the buyer accepts your pitch, they will need a way to contact you. Your contact information will only be shown to the buyer if they accept your pitch. Otherwise, this information is hidden.

Submission Process

Once your pitch is submitted, you can review it in your dashboard under Pitches. You can see the status of your pitch from the table provided. Once the buyer has taken action on your pitch, you will be notified via email. 

Editing your Draft Pitch

We added the ability to delete a draft pitch, it can be done under My Work > Pitches.  click the action button on the row and hit “Delete” This can only be done if the Pitch is still in a draft state.